Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping to catch up September 2015

And the Party Never Ends. Stonehouse with Bridgit's 40th to Jackson Hole! Yes, I said Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!!!

Caroline & Bridgit

Josie was the perfect guest!

Alan & Primate catching up & enjoying #205.

My BB outdid himself. He really gets in touch with his feminine side.

Sweethearts getting ready for S'mores.

BB in charge of grilling. Ralph in charge of being the most laid back, unflappable host of all time! I want what he's having.

Fly West.

Wake up in Teton Village.

 Jackson, Town Square,  Elk Antlers Arches.

I can't believe these are my travel buddies.

Brought home Tenley's Art Bowl.

 Friends in high places, literally.

Road to Granite Hot Springs

Amy, Paige, & Bridgit apres Springs!

Down to the off the beaten path Hot Springs.

Getting cold  & dark but Bridgit & Page forge on, no opportunities missed!

One very small glitch brought down the house!

Let's go to the mountain top. OMG they almost decided to climb! TG time was running out.

People mover was scary enough!

Let's check the numbers!

Lets get a nice backdrop for side plank.

Not afraid of a few little pebbles myself.

Next up, Nicole arrives!

Leaping to Catch Up August 2015

                 It's all about food, parties, yoga, and bicycles.

#199 can't do string beans!  I can't believe I'm leading off with this picture!

Bringing Biciletas to the celebratory month of August.


#200. The Hoi Polloi, the Bourgeois, the Aristocracy, and the Creme de la Creme, gather for Banana Creme Tarte and 62 candles.  

Bren takes the position de tete. Good thing his roots are in the land of the big headed people, more area to balance on. Go Luxembourgers!

Richardson's Mill Pond

60 with Pat on the York

I made them come but it was great! 60 on the York with Primate!

Hopi @ Stenson Beach. This photo just keeps reappearing!

#201 Farmer's Market


30 + 30 = Birthday fun with Missy and Amy! Andrew made #203 delicious and incredibly edible. Love being 60 with these two sweetheart yogis.

Getting Ready for #204.

Birthday Breakfast Lemon Blueberry Pancakes!

Thanks Bryce!