Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goldilocksing Season begins @ Memorial Day

Goldilocksing season is in Full Swing. I'm too hot. I'm too cold. I can't stand this heat! This air conditioning is freezing! Almost summer, right up to autumn, my prime time for goldilocksing! So much to whine about, mosquitoes, snakes, beetle in the house, ants, water in my ears, luckily equanimity is found at swimming pools, beaches, eating fresh veggies, roasted corn, watching hummingbirds, wearing capris, a la outdoor showers (not yet but I am workin it) barefeet, sandals, yoga, watching the tourists on DOG street.....the list is endless...ahhh

Memorial Day weekend found me prepping for the arrival of the primate (aka primary, lunkhead, etc). If my car could talk it would have thanked me, oh yeah it does, well she forgot gratitude, she was more like Finally! Then there were multiple trips to Home Depot, Homestead Garden Center, and Ed's Landscaping for supplies just in case the Primate was in the mood for digging. Turns out the only thing I forgot was root stimulator. Oh right, I did my #8 L'Oreal too.

Primate was raring to go! Leaves LI at 5 am, takes a little rest while driving down the NJ pike and revs up the lawn mower on arrival. Who could ask for more.....well I usually do and probably did...

Love those Rhodies. He deserved a reward...... but I made so much he was rewarded three days in a row. Recipe from NY Times. I exchanged shitake for baby ports, as I am afraid of shitakes (bridges, tall buildings, car wash tracks, etc), added sauteed red onion and bread crumbs.
                             Protein for the Primate


Oh, from the looks of it red pepper too. Heirloom toms and arugala, just a little squeeze of orange. But the Pièce de résistance came in a bottle.

             Thank you Ginger People esp for leaving out the salt!
Hmm by Saturday things were even better. Auspiciously the Mets had won Friday Nite's game, and family members displayed varying degrees of excitement as job offers, bonuses, and resume requests came in, plus a record breaking bike ride and of course the best yoga class ever.

All that's left is time to enjoy the best of Williamsburg, the Williamsburg Farmers Market.

Normandie Cuisine shhhh raspberry cream cheese turnovers, herb hummus, bread, celery root rapee, carrot rapee.... potato salad....

Blenheim Organic Gardens, everything! but the asparagus is like no other aspargus in the world! Eat Raw!

I think Ms Blenheim's t-shirt read Eat Kale. Mint, kale, arugala, radishes, spinach, mmmmgood. 'Cept kale in blender does not work, get zee juicer.

Helen of California arranging flowers, Amy with her organic veggies. Can't wait for the heirloom melons!

            Queens reps on the bench, Bronx standing!

                                        Parting shots.

                  Brought home some wild petunias!

                            Everyone is on a mission.
Remembering all those who make this mission possible..... and most of all; those who gave everything.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York State of Mind Day 3

Mom's Day begins with two sons, the primary, presents, and affirmations to be nice to each other. We slipped a few times.....but mostly stayed the course!

A few family shots before we head east AGAIN!

With the man

Maps Exit 56 LIE

Destination Southampton

The landscape


Let the games begin...OUCH!

working on the Dharma

For the sake of art

On his way up
on the rise

Topiary Yoga
Pat still has it

The dad assists

slippery grass

with a little help from a friend

Root down to rise....or maybe the roots need an application of L'Oreal,  really though,  photos add pounds! 

hmmmm fat is like water, it seeks its own level...ouch

One last peak inside, I could settle in here nicely.

From Southampton to Sag Harbor.  After the Pimary chose to park as if we were in Walley World, Pat and I raced to see if we could eat at Muse....not possible on Mothers Day, darn those crazy mothers. Provisions  it was, think tempeh, black beans, avocado, tasty, healthy, us fueled up for a little more sight seeing. Soaked up some Zen at Urban Zen, t-shirt for the Primary, a little more fuel for just the 'rents at The Golden Pear Cafe(I had not seen the pics of my other side yet), adorable little street urchins running in and out of Tutto ll Giorno, a stroll in The Old Burying Ground, spotted a famous Lincoln, the cup overfloweth in Sag Harbor, so much to see.

Window Art 

Dutch influences @ Bloom

Lincoln drives away, bench sitting, and Maitre'd  saves the urchins from disaster

Outside the Old Burying Ground. Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula aka Weeping Willowleaf Pear. Getting it.
Thank you my three sweethearts!

Monday, May 14, 2012

NY State of Mind Day 2

Primary and Pat set off  early in the AM for the 92 miles give or take bike ride to Sag Harbor. Primary changed a flat tire before he even left the house. I heard some grumbling but stayed in bed and before I knew it I was rushing to get on the road. But first, I had to save my little mutant maple tree from my neighbors' sheers. He wants to lop off one of its' three little trunks in essence MAPLE MURDER! Crazily, I had given permission the night before; but now in the light of day I knew something had to be done......

Intended victim
I managed to obtain a stay of execution and got myself and a Starbucks onto the LIE. Picked Pat up at Deli Delight on Montauk Hwy in East Quogue; he decided 70 miles was enough. I enjoyed his company the rest of the way, talking about how Sag Harbor differs from Montauk and if Dad, now on the road alone and phoneless, would make the rest of his trip unscathed.  OOOPs as I am typing this I convinced Primary to work on killing some of the thousand bees that are swarming around our front door. After the deed was done he took a bee inside for identification and discovered they are mining bees. Good bees. Sorry. Planet. So Sorry. Bees.

Great Landing Spot

Packing up the bikes

Piled in and moved the car to the street

Right next to this sweet spot

So beautiful I stayed outside

Thought the two would be ready for lunch. But they wanted to let me shop a little first, pick out something for Mother's Day....anything I wanted they said!

First shop I entered, I decided to try on a t-shirt, went into the fitting room and my cell rang. The Primary. Guess he was hungry after all.  I left the store and ran right into him. "Compose yourself", he commanded, "Billy Joel is down the street." I said nothing and started walking. Inside my head, "BILLY JOEL, BILLY JOEL!!!!" Honestly the primary had every reason not to trust me. Years earlier I may have tackled a few elderly women as we were all waiting to shake hands with Jesse Jackson. We don't run in to celebrities often so my track record looks pretty bleak.  The celebrity in question though was special, from the time Dennis sang New York State of Mind in 1979 on that crazy road trip before we had any kids, to singing We Didn't Start The Fire at the top of our lungs with the kids, to Brendan going off on New Year's Eve to MSG to see him perform in person, right up to the Showtime special we all watched at Christmas without any heat, The Last Play at Shea (OMG), we knew how to enjoy the Piano Man.   We all did catch a glimpse of him when Glen Cove co-hosted America's Sail in 1998; but this was different. Except for insisting we eat our lunch al fresco at the same restaurant where Joel was eating al fresco, I was well mannered and brought no shame on the family. The primary was border line, quickly downing 3 beers and making friends with a young couple, their dog!!!(not like the primary at all) and their beautiful baby boy Landon. 

Billy dined at the table just beyond Pat

Feeding the Primary is key

Will not be duplicating this recipe at home

Waitress, servers, bus person were wonderful. Food tooooo! Waitress asked if we wanted anything else and really no, I said, Billy Joel, sunshine, Stella, delicious food, no nothing else. just the check please.

Little more shopping

pretty colors

more good manners

another treat on the dock...1964 Studebaker Avanti R3..they liked it

Walked back to the car and left for home.