Friday, December 30, 2011

Cleveland Leaves For Home

Brendan & Cleveland

Where is the Blacksmith shop?

Forget the wreaths, look at this roof!
Inadvertently made movies instead of taking photos. IPad will eventually be mastered......or at least operated better than my phone. Boys got much needed update on  the reconstruction of  the Blacksmith Shop and we all enjoyed the tour of Bassett Hall.

Highlights of the week included: the Bald Eagle, the downy woodpecker, aka DW, kayaking on the pond, choosing our favorites at the impressionist exhibit at the Muscarelle, wee bit of trouble with security guard, sharing stories, getting the heat back, hot yoga, Sherlock Holmes, the Colonial Garden, and great girl time with Cleveland.

As 2011 draws to its' conclusion contemplating the Buddha, the red string of Gates, and of course what's up for next year. Who owns us anyway? The man with the tweetie bird tattoo.... Resolutions? maybe tomorrow.

Holding Rumi's words close in to the new year, 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kayaking First Time

Watch funny boys guiding my first kayaking trip @ Hempstead Harbor early December.

Chilly Christmas

No heat....brrr! Baby, it's cold inside. Sewing cross quilt will continue when heat returns. Lot's of plans that won't be thwarted by technology collapse at home....including Christmas Wreaths @ CW! Photos to follow.

Enlightenment whilst opening of gifts in my male driven household.....pockets, zippers, and iPod stashes in jackets and backpacks reign supreme. They are thoroughly inspected and coveted; equal to or greater than my own new handbag must have checklist.

If you push off at 210 degrees what do you set your heading for to get back to shore? That question answered and more. New compass, callus remover, and living alone in the wilds of Alaska for thirty years; could not wish for a greater Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Adding photos is not fun!

I  have discovered how to erase the geo tagging! Hope so! Photos taken with IPad are so troublesome. They all return to upside down no matter what I do!
 I have been threatening for many years to sky dive and/or start a blog. I hope blogging is successful  because I have changed my mind about the other.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inspired by r0ssie

Not too long ago I found r0ssie's blog, and loved her modern quilt lecture. It wasn't long before I was reading other quilting blogs. I hope to call myself a modern quilter someday if only I could get these tops quilted! I love all things wabi-sabi and thank r0ssie for bringing it to light for me. Maybe I can let go of a little goldilocksing and welcome asymmetrical, rough, handmade, beauty into my life.  My yoga practice is all wabi-sabi as is a little vest my grandmother knitted 60 years ago. Here's to seeing the wabi-sabi all around us!